Picture 2
Jupitershine casts its serene sulphur glow over the grounds of Wibbledom Abbey. I bask in the soporific night stillness, yet the back of my mind is twitching - time is running out.

When Earth was engineered into Jupiter orbit back in the Twenty Third Century we knew it was only a temporary reprieve. Just another quick-fix to fix the cascading side effects of a string of technological quick-fixes. Perhaps it worked too well: it gave us another few centuries to slide back into complacency. Io is well on its way now. One hundred or so Ioclyptic-cycles of converging orbits and the magnetospheric generators will no longer keep the winds away.
The final battles of the Eco Wars produced no winners. Sure, the Economystics of The United States of Amiracle had prevailed over the Neoworld Ecologicians, for all the good it did them. The Purveyors of Comfort kept the Global Consumerate hypnotised with nanogen baubles and virtual thrills, blinkered and self-absorbed inside a hedonistic mirror-ball. Now, on the cusp of convergence, they all stand around dumbfounded: Even the most radical Eco's hadn't figured out the energy we were draining from the System would make it end like this.
Over the years my self-chosen seclusion had grown total and, as had always been my habit away from the social matrix, my biosynth enhancer remained on emoneutral. My natural reactions were neither amplified or suppressed, yet I could not figure out how or what I was feeling. The neurometer indicated no trauma, unbalance or shock, so logic decreed that I ought to be feeling something! My pulse rate remained unmoved as an old turn of phrase popped into my head; Perhaps things hadn't quite sunk in yet.
It was ironic: In order to evade society's obsession with immersion in the present I had become so distracted by my intent to preserve the pre-ancient that I too had allowed the Middlenium Science that once brought us here to fade into myth.

One hundred and fifty centuries is enough to turn memories of youth into a lazy dream, and yet with the end in sight life suddenly seemed so short. So here I stood: The original Regensurvivalist! The first time I died it was with a blissful ignorance of how little I knew, but with reassuring confidence that Regenetix theories would bring me back. With this impending death I held only the knowledge that much once learned was now forgotten, and a shadowy ignorance of what lay on the far side. . . . .