The Notional Gallery
"Fading Grandeur?  Oh Yes!
"Let fading memory repaint the grandeur that wasn't!"
The Notional Gallery houses a random collection of visual images that have been produced by the residents of Wibbledom Abbey over the last century.

This selection is quite small at the moment, but as Archivist, I'm currently sifting through piles of un-catalogued material recently found in the cellars and catacombs, attempting to sort items that throw light onto the Abbey's history from those that er...,  don't.  Artistic merit is not a consideration.
Luna Stylegod
Viewing the pictures.   Any picture can be taken off the wall and viewed full size with a mouse-click. Use the browser's back button to put it back on the wall. Some of the pictures are quite big, like 3000x2000 pixels, but have details which can't be appreciated in low resolution, like this, Today's Special. - look at those whiskers!
To get the best full view on your monitor it may help if your browser is set to scale images to the window.
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